Your Personal Statement is the key to success!!!

The purpose of your Personal Statement is to sell yourself to the reader. It should highlight who you are, your skills, strengths, and career goals. Although only a few sentences it’s the first thing a hiring manager sees so you need to make an impact as it could be the difference between the recruiter reading your CV or rejecting it.

Below you will find some advice for writing your personal statement:

  • A good personal statement is a brief summary proving your suitability to the reader so try and keep it to a maximum of 150 words. Use your Cover Letter and CV to elaborate on your achievements – your personal statement should grab a recruiters’ attention.

  • A personal statement needs to show a company what a candidate can offer, whether it’s skills or relevant experience.

  • Keep it focused by using the following questions as a guide – Who are you? What can you bring to the role? What is your career goal?

  • Tailor your CV – although more time consuming it is worth tailoring your Personal Statement for each job you are applying for. Use the job spec to match you to what the employer is looking for and highlight this in your personal statement.

  • Be specific - Detailing achievements such as ‘Implemented cost reduction processes’ with a yearly saving of x amount is much more impactful than implying success. Adding value to your statement will enhance your credibility.

  • Use key power words such as proven, developed, successfully….

  • Do not use clichés like “excellent interpersonal skills” – this does not say anything about you – make your personal statement personal to you!

  • Do not use a series of sentences – try and create something that flows and tells a story

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