The Awkward Interview Question….Tell me about yourself?

It’s that tricky question that you always overthink and try to figure out what the interviewer is looking for…..quite often it’s the first question as for the interviewer it’s an easy way to start the conversation. You need to look at it however as a chance to make a great first impression.

Here are some top tips in how to structure your answer:

1. Make a list – first make a list of 3-5 past roles, experiences and strengths / skills that are relevant to the role you are interviewing for and can be used as your USP (Unique Selling Point). Try to qualify these with figures. Once you have these lists you will be able to start structuring your answer…….

2. Introduce yourself professionally – an overview statement that shows off your strengths e.g.

“I am a proactive Office Manager with 5 years of experience managing a team of 3 and am responsible for everything from H&S to payroll to compliance”

3. Highlight your skills – don’t assume the interviewer has read your CV – use this opportunity to highlight 2-3 skills that make you stand out e.g.

“As a Level 5 CIPD qualified HR Advisor I am empathetic but persuasive. I enjoy project work and have recently successfully implemented a new Company Benefits programme”

4. Finish by telling them why you’re here – why you want the position e.g.

“Although I love my current role I am now looking for a field based sales role that offers a greater challenge and will give me a chance to make a positive impact on the company’s sales”

5. Practise – lastly practise your answer but try to make it sound natural and not too rehearsed!


1. Give your full life story starting with when and where you were born!

2. Recite your full CV - Remember your you will have a chance to go more in depth about your experience later on in the interview so don’t try and squeeze too much information in!

3. Don’t talk about your personal life – the interviewer doesn’t want to know you love going to the cinema and walking your dog!

4. Overthink it!

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