Guide to a good LinkedIn Profile Picture

More and more recruiters are looking at LinkedIn profiles to get a better understanding of potential candidates and according to LinkedIn… your profile is 14 times more likely to be viewed if it has a photo.

LinkedIn is a professional networking site and as such your profile picture needs to show you in a professional light – first impressions count!

So what are the key dos and don’ts of a good LinkedIn profile picture?

1. Use a photo! Obvious it might be but make sure you have a photo on there and make sure it is a photo of you. People want to connect with a person and a cartoon Spiderman does not give a true representation of you! LinkedIn can remove any such photos / images i.e. cartoons.

2. Use a recent photo of yourself – it could be misleading if you post a fabulous photo of yourself from 10 years ago!! Also make sure your photo is in colour.

3. No group shots! Your LinkedIn profile is all about you so do not use a group shot from a wedding or a night out or any photos with pets, children or partners.

4. No Selfies!! Although selfies can be fun they come across unprofessional – get someone to take a photo of you – ideally a head / shoulders shot that is clear and in focus with a neutral background.

5. Dress professionally – wear what you would wear in a business situation – never post picture of yourself on the beach, on a night out or even climbing a mountain.

6. Smile! You want to look friendly, approachable and confident – someone that people want to work with.

Try not look to serious!!

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